Protocol Governance

During beta multisig SAFE (currently composed of a 4/7 risk-assessment team) is used to manage protocol upgrades and risk assessment. Updates are made for both the BOB stablecoin and the associated zkBob application
The 4/7 threshold was established with GP 0 and updated with GP 4. Protocol updates are handled through the SAFE. For more info on governance see the BOB DAO page.
In addition to inventory management, the beta governance team also proposes and completes protocol updates. Details regarding specific updates are linked below.
GP stands for Governance Proposal.
GP #
GP 0
Increase SAFE multisig to 3/6.
GP 1
Instantiate BobVault (BobSwap) for beta testing.
GP 2
Upgrade Contracts to v1.0.0 based on Security Audit Findings.
GP 3
Enable BobVault (BobSwap) for public use.
GP 4
Increase Multisig to 4/7 and upgrade BOB on all networks
See GP 4 for txs on each network.
GP 5
Enable BobVault (BobSwap) on Ethereum mainnet.
GP 6
Upgrade zkBob to support direct deposits.
GP 7
Increase multichain inventory and update BobSwap
See GP 7 for txs on each network
GP 8
Extend pool limits for KYC'd users
GP 9
Deactivate Kyberswap pairs (emergency measure)
See GP 9 for multi-network txs
GP 10
Reallocate previous Kyberswap inventory
See GP 10 for multi-network txs
GP 11
Add 24 hour timelock on Optimism
GP 12
Raise Polygon limits
GP 13
Launch BOB CDP
GP 14
Migrate BOB pool on Polygon to USDC
See GP 14 for multiple txs
GP 15
Add KYB-tier limits on Optimism
GP 16
Remove excess inventory on BNB & Arbitrum
in process