Swap BOB with Metamask Swap

In this example we swap MATIC for BOB tokens. You can swap any supported tokens for BOB or vice versa using Metamask 🦊. BOB is also available to swap on Ethereum mainnet.

1) Open MetaMask. Login to your Account and connect to the Polygon Network. You can initiate swaps wherever you are on the internet, you do not need to be connected to any particular site.

2) Press the Swap Icon.

3) Enter token swap details.

  1. The token from the dropdown (MATIC).

  2. The amount you would like to swap (20).

  3. Type in BOB to find and select the BOB token.

4) Press Continue, or to double check you are using BOB, you can verify BOB on polygonscan. The BOB token contract is 0xb0b195aefa3650a6908f15cdac7d92f8a5791b0b

5) Press Review Swap.

6) If you approve of the terms, press Swap.

7) Wait for transaction to process.

8) BOB should appear automatically in the assets area of your Metamask wallet. You are now ready to interact with zkBob!

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