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To facilitate inventory, BOB liquidity is deployed on DEXs including Uniswap v3 & Kyberswap and paired with a stable asset such as USDC or BUSD.
Inventory positions are tuned to a very narrow range and maintained through the AMM concentrated liquidity algorithm. This keeps BOB stable, and is known as an inventory LP position.
BOB can be purchased from inventory at ~1:1 for USD stable assets. Any BOB in circulation has been purchased through an inventory LP position, meaning it is backed 100% by stable user collateral at the time of purchase.
Inventory and collateralized supply are tracked here.
Users may choose to create their own non-inventory LP positions using purchased BOB + another tokens of their choice (for example BOB/WETH, BOB/WMATIC, BOB/OP, BOB/USDT etc).
Additional decentralization measures including broader community-driven governance and timelocks are in development to maintain and balance optimal BOB inventory based on usage and demand.
Inventory increases and decreases are detailed on the Inventory Actions page.