GP 9: Deactivate Kyberswap inventory pairs [Emergency Measure]

On Monday, April 17 2023 Kyberswap informed the BOB team about a potential zero-day exploit found in their protocol. As a precautionary measure, all LP managers were highly encouraged to close their LP positions until further notice. This proposal closes these positions worth 9M BOB on Ethereum Mainnet and the Binance Smart Chain.

It is proposed that all withdrawn funds will be kept on the governance wallet address (0xd4a3d9ca00fa1fd8833d560f9217458e61c446d8) until further actions are requested by Kyberswap.

New inventory positions will likely be re-created once patches are applied and confirmed on the Kyberswap protocol. This decision will be addressed in a subsequent proposal.

Proposal objective

Disable 5 inventory pairs on Kyberswap:

  • BOB/USDC on Mainnet (2,000,000 BOB)

  • BOB/USDT on Mainnet (2,000,000 BOB)

  • BOB/USDC on BNB Chain (2,000,000 BOB)

  • BOB/USDT on BNB Chain (2,000,000 BOB)

  • BOB/BUSD on BNB Chain (1,000,000 BOB)

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